Why WEIRD? Isn't it just STRANGE?

What is weird? 

Is it a bad thing? 

Is it an insult or a complement?

The actual definition of the word may surprise you. The noun form of the word is "A persons destiny".

So when we say "Embrace the Weird", we are saying to embrace your destiny! 

That being said, weird is AWESOME!

When is the last time being a lemming was good for anyone?

Be original, be unique, be WEIRD!

Absolutely everyone we remember from history or popular culture was or is still a weirdo; from Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin & Picasso to Steve Jobs, Banksy & the Artist Formerly Known As "Prince", were all a bunch of epic weirdos!

Thinking outside the box, automatically fits you squarely into most peoples concept of "weird". This is only because creative visionary thinkers are always 10 levels ahead. Most people just simply cannot keep up, they don't understand where you are coming from or why you do what you do, so it comes across as strange and unexpected. 

In order to achieve something revolutionary you must obliterate your fear, squash your apprehension, drop your baggage and EMBRACE THE WEIRD!


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