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Welcome to the extraordinary world of Embrace the Weird, your ultimate destination for captivating unisex-style original t-shirt designs! Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey as we unveil an unparalleled collection curated exclusively for those who dare to embrace their eccentricity. Our resident weirdo artist, Brian A. Bernhard, has poured his creativity into every unique masterpiece that graces our collection.

Overwhelm your senses in the sheer insanity of our t-shirt designs, each boasting an uncanny allure that will leave you spellbound. From spine-chilling cryptids and mind-boggling monsters to irresistibly adorable piglets, sassy kitties, and even unusual sea creatures, our repertoire is a kaleidoscope of wonders.

At Embrace the Weird, we take pride in curating the most extraordinary t-shirt designs that your eyes have ever beheld. Step into a realm where the unconventional is celebrated and the weird takes center stage. Every design in our collection is a testament to our commitment to excellence and artistic innovation.

Our t-shirts not only reflect your unique spirit but also elevate your fashion game to new heights. Let your style transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Whether you seek a conversation starter or a bold statement piece, our collection has something tailor-made for you.

Dare to stand out from the crowd and revel in the Weird. Each t-shirt is more than a mere garment—it is a wearable work of weird art, designed to ignite curiosity and inspire conversation. Unlock the door to a world where the unconventional is celebrated, and let your wardrobe become a canvas for your inner weirdo.

Let our designs captivate your imagination and celebrate the beauty of embracing your unique self.
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  • Psyclops Kitty (Unisex T-shirt)
  • Let's Magic Some Sh*t (Unisex t-shirt)
  • Lil' Pig (Unisex t-shirt)
  • You Don't Own Me! (Unisex t-shirt)
  • Sinus Cleanse! (Unisex T-Shirt)
  • Silly Seals (Unisex T-Shirt)
  • Wendigo Psychosis (Unisex T-Shirt)
  • The Flatwoods Monster (Unisex T-Shirt)