Collection: Original Books by Embrace the Weird

Behold our treasury of original, extraordinary, and delightfully peculiar tales of horror, wonder, mayhem, and the absurd, all expertly crafted, penned, and illustrated by our resident eccentric artist, Brian A. Bernhard.

Prepare to descend into the captivating abyss of "CLOWNLAND," a chilling narrative that will twist your imagination into knots. Uncover the hidden depths of "Life Stories," where mundane realities collide with unhinged insanity. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of "Professor von Goiter - The World's Most Miserable Private Detective," where hard-boiled mysteries unfold in the most unexpected fashion. And these are just a taste of the feast that awaits you!

But that's not all—we're brewing up a bubbling concoction of even greater tales, simmering in the mysterious brain stew of our creative process. Stay tuned, for our masterpieces-in-the-making will soon grace these hallowed pages, beckoning you to new realms of awe and fascination.

So, dear reader, venture forth and unlock the secrets that lie within. Our collection of unique, original, and wonderfully weird tales awaits your eager exploration. Surrender to the magic, as Brian A. Bernhard's creations envelop your consciousness and leave an indelible mark upon your soul. Begin your journey now, for it's time to discover the weird.
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