Collection: Original Watercolor Paintings - EMBRACE THE WEIRD!

Experience an astonishing collection of unparalleled, quirky watercolor fine art paintings by the eccentric maestro, Brian A. Bernhard, available exclusively at Embrace the Weird. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world inspired by the enchanting tide pools of Southern California's South Bay. Encounter the uncanny lives of strangely gritty fishermen, cross paths with ominous foul-weather sailors, and confront the horrors of the infamous 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Prepare for a whimsical, unconventional and strange journey through the weird imagination of Brian A. Bernhard, where the extraordinary converges with the bizarre, and the peculiar reigns supreme!
6 products
  • The Sailor (Original Watercolor Painting)
  • The Old Sea Dog (Original Watercolor Painting)
  • Concerned Tide Pools (Original Watercolor Painting)
  • Frau Kranko (Original Watercolor Painting)
  • Common Sense (Original Watercolor Painting)
  • The New Normal (Original Watercolor Painting)