Collection: Coasters (handmade) by Embrace the Weird!

Discover an extraordinary assortment of exclusive, one-of-a-kind coasters that are as peculiar as they are captivating. These original creations are meticulously handmade, hand-sculpted, and hand-painted, resulting in an unparalleled collection of eccentric artistry. Immerse yourself in the realm of the strange and unusual, where cosmic entities like Cthulhu, the enigmatic Shoggoth, and mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark skulls reign supreme. Delve into the depths of the Lovecraftian universe with the elusive presence of Dagon and other captivating wonders. Prepare to be enchanted by the limitless imagination of renowned artist Brian A. Bernhard as he brings these weird and unique designs to life. Elevate your coaster game to a whole new level of awesomesauce and fun with this astounding collection that defies convention. Embrace the weird and let your tabletops become a canvas of inspiration. Discover the unforgettable and indulge in the delightfully strange, all in the company of Brian A. Bernhard's exceptional creations.
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