An Interview with Professor Phelyx - Artsy Fartsy Things & Stuff! - EP# 02

Welcome to the second episode of Artsy Fartsy Things and Stuff, a conversational interview podcast about creative amazing people, doing creative amazing things…and stuff!

Y’all are in for a real treat today, as I got to have a fantastic conversation with Professor Phelyx, a true artsy fartsy through and through, he is a world class mind reading mentalist comedian, a corporate speaker, fine artist, nationally acclaimed designer, he has performed as a variety artist in 3,000 burlesque shows, he once was a professional Andy Warhol historian, he has also owned his own art gallery and has done some crazy creative artworks with bleach!

If you hang with us long enough, you might even have your mind read!  Also, please note, as you may or may not already know, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, and just about every responsible human on the planet has quarantined themselves; therefore, I am producing and recording these interviews through various streaming video services and the quality of both the audio and the video varies greatly with the quality of the various internet connections.

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