An Interview with Gil Nevo - Artsy Fartsy Things & Stuff! - EP# 04

Welcome to the fourth episode of “Artsy Fartsy Things and Stuff”, a conversational interview podcast about creative amazing people, doing creative amazing things…and stuff!

Things are surreal as shit in this middle of this or any pandemic for that matter, this is my first, so its the only one I can speak about from a first person perspective and personally, I would have been totally cool if I had been able to go through life without ever living through a pandemic on this scale, but here we are…we are dealing with it, because well, we must…it sucks, but sometimes shit spirals out of control and we have to adapt and evolve.

So here we are, at episode four, and I am releasing new episodes about as fast as I can edit them, but it’s become a Wednesday thing, Wednesday is now the official release date, I will do my best to maintain that consistency for you.

In this episode of the show, we get to hang out and have a spirited conversation with Gil Nevo, a brilliant artist, commercial artist, branding expert and animator (even worked on South Park for 10 years)! I am a huge fan of him and his work. We get to talking about entrepreneurship in a pandemic and what that might look like in the future, as well as, making other creative cool shit, we also get a peak into some new animations he is developing.

Thanks for hanging with us!

If you would like to learn more about Gil, please check out his Instagram @GILNEVO and visit his branding website: http://SUPERBRAND.LA

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