An Interview with creator Russell Nohelty - Artsy Fartsy Things & Stuff! - EP# 07

Welcome to the seventh episode of “Artsy Fartsy Things and Stuff”, a conversational interview podcast about creative amazing people, doing creative amazing things…and stuff!

As you may or may not have realized, I did not post any new episodes last week. We opted to maintain solidarity with the #BLM movement around the country and posting any new content would serve as a distraction from the issues.

So this weeks interview features the amazing USA Today best selling author, Russell Nohelty. The conversation is intense, its creative, and he is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and creative flow. Russell is always moving and making and its hard to keep up, this interview was recorded back in April, so some of the things we talk about have already happened, and some of the things we talk about are happening right now.

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