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Happy Unspeakable Holidays, from the Great Old Ones - An Original Limited Edition Linocut (Series of 15)

Happy Unspeakable Holidays, from the Great Old Ones - An Original Limited Edition Linocut (Series of 15)

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An original hand carved & printed 4" x 6" Speedball Speedy Carve block printed on acid free heavy 6" x 9" Bristol board with Ranger archival ink, signed and numbered by eccentric artist Brian A. Bernhard.

Happy Unspeakable Holidays, from the Great Old Ones, is my Lovecraftian holiday art. Get some weird original festive dark art right here!


Some of these pieces are hand-painted and the pricing reflects the complexity of the paint job.


Each print comes with a hand-carved, hand printed, one-of-a-kind signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.  

Given the nature of block printing by hand, each print is unique, there are subtle shifts in ink color between blue tones, purple tones and red tones within the black ink which intentionally shift from print to print, making each print one-of-a-kind. Make sure you scroll through each image to find the print number that calls out to you! I photographed these prints under my drafting table light from relatively the same angle, and did absolutely no retouching on the image. Remember there are only 15 in this series, so get these suckers while they are fresh off the press, because when they are gone ... they are gone!

Additionally, given the cost of investment, I will add the USPS insurance for FREE for each print shipped! Also, fulfillment of our original limited edition art prints is always done by me (Brian), in person to make sure it will get to you safely. I will literally package it by hand myself and walk it directly to the post office.

Remember, if you can come to our gallery in San Pedro to collect yours, you wont have to pay for shipping, and we will generally have at least one framed with a custom matte, ready to hang on your wall!