Collection: Magnets (Handmade) - EMBRACE THE WEIRD!

A collection of weird handmade magnets by Brian A. Bernhard, exclusively designed for Embrace the Weird!
19 products
  • Seal Lovers (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • Strange Thingies (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • The Devil (Small Handmade Sculpt)
  • The Psyclops Kitty (Small Handmade Sculpt)
  • The Top-hat Weirdo (Small Handmade Sculpt)
  • Weird Vibes (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • Weird Water Puppies (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • WEIRDO! (2.25 Inch Magnet)