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Discover an extraordinary assortment of uniquely quirky, handmade art magnets by the one and only Brian A. Bernhard. These eccentric masterpieces are exclusively crafted for none other than Embrace the Weird – where individuality knows no bounds!

Delve into the realm of originality as each magnet reveals its captivating allure. Let your imagination run wild with these playful and fun creations that bring an undeniable touch of quirkiness to any space. Embrace the Weird proudly presents this exclusive collection, inviting you to experience the delightful fusion of art and peculiarity.

Whether you're a magnet aficionado or simply seeking that extraordinary piece to add flair to your surroundings, these meticulously designed artworks are sure to tickle your fancy. Indulge in the whimsical world of Brian A. Bernhard's eccentricity, curated solely for those who dare to embrace their weirdness.

So, if you're ready to brighten up your surroundings with a dash of creativity, don't miss the chance to snag these exceptional handmade magnets. Elevate your space with Embrace the Weird's exclusive selection of artful wonders and let your magnetic personality shine!

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  • The Devil (Small Handmade Sculpt)
  • The Psyclops Kitty (Small Handmade Sculpt)
  • The Top-hat Weirdo (Small Handmade Sculpt)
  • Weird Vibes (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • Weird Water Puppies (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • WEIRDO! (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • Wendigo Psychosis (2.25 Inch Magnet)
  • You Don't Own Me! (2.25 Inch Magnet)