The Happy Weirdo Art Shop Belated Grand Opening!

You are cordially invited to the grand opening of a beautifully weird art happening!
World renown experimental artist Susan Soffer Cohn & EMMY winning eccentric weirdo artist Brian A. Bernhard, have partnered together and opened a new mind-blowing art gallery in the South Bay!
The "HAPPY WEIRDO ART GALLERY" is the shared space between Susan's "Everyday Happy" shop and Brian's "Embrace the Weird" boutique. They have partnered together on a beautifully creative shared space inside Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles in spectacular San Pedro!
Please come join us on August 25th from 11AM - 8PM for our grand opening (4 months belated) celebration.
Our address: 112 E. 22nd St. Unit A206, San Pedro, CA. 90731
We decided to sync our party with Brouwerij West's next amazing music event: Popfuji - Americana Jam Band Night, so that there will be plenty of great food and music to go along with your art experience! We will also be open 2 hours longer than normal!
In addition, we will be running some amazing specials, discounts and giveaways all day long, so be sure to RSVP here to get all the latest!
Here is our current schedule of events
(Lots of fun all day long!):
11:00 - Ribbon Cutting
01:00 - New venture toast
02:00 - Music Performance by legendary Korean Guitar icon Se-Hwang Kim!!!!
03:00 - Cake Cutting
03:30 - Magic Show
04:15 - Raffle drawing 01 (EMBRACE THE WEIRD)
05:00 - Raffle drawing 02 (EVERY DAY HAPPY)
06:00 - Raffle drawing 03 (EMBRACE THE WEIRD)
07:00 - Raffle drawing 03 (EVERY DAY HAPPY)
"I’m an accidental artist.
I began my study of art in Palm Springs, CA when my husband won a series of art lessons at a charity auction. At fifty years of age, I began taking art classes with Master Art Teacher Jayne Behman whose gallery/studio was also in Palm Springs. Even today I think Jayne tricked me into becoming an artist by pointing out that ‘I needed to look at the quality of the work I was doing.’
When I moved to Huntington Beach, CA in 2002 I found my next Master art teacher and a soon to become Mentor to me, BJ Wilson. BJ’s constant encouragement and Mentorship furthered my belief that ‘Yes, I am an artist.’
I call myself an experimental artist, as I like to mix and invent media and ways of working with them. I work in long series based on subject matter and medium. My garden series which has been in process for the last year, features vibrant colors of ink on Duralar.
Working on my art full time, day and night, I strive to challenge the viewer. I’m happiest when asked ‘How did you do that or is that oil or is that water color?’
Believing that art is a form of communication, I feel that the work is not complete until it arrives at the home of someone who sees it as theirs. Then I believe the piece takes on a life of its own. I’m especially surprised and amazed by the transition when I’m invited to see one of my creations in a new home.
My work has been exhibited throughout the United States and in Sweden, Italy, France and the UAE. It appears in personal and business collections, as well as public art projects and museum collections. Currently I am teaching and giving workshops in art to share what I have learned and to help others discover their talent"
"Love, more than anything else fuels my creative fire. My love to inspire, create, and explore unknown paths. Carving new trails is what artists do, designing new perspectives and alternative points-of-view for people to consider; this is the essence of my creative philosophy.
My work seeks to define itself (the medium is not the message, but rather just a delivery system), my explorations and creative adventures seek to build their own worlds, their own meanings, and establish a universe where all people are free to explore and all people are open to discovering who they truly are, free from societal expectations.
The meaning of the word “weird” is much more interesting than most people realize. The noun form of the word “weird” is “a person’s destiny”. Embracing the weird, is about embracing your creative destiny and allowing your true self to shine.
My work seeks to be the inciting incident in the flow of life, which inspires the viewer to let their freak flag fly!"
We hope to see you all there!

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