Artsy Fartsy Things and Stuff the Podcast - Introduction Teaser - EP# 00

 Things are weird right now, really, really weird.

We are all stuck at home, no hiking, no shopping, no socializing, no going to the parks or beaches and folks are getting sick and dying all over the world.

Many of us are scared and feel helpless, some of us are coping better than other and some just think they are coping better, until the PTSD truly kicks in.

All that being said, my name is Brian A. Bernhard; I am an artist and a small business owner. I have (still I think as if writing this, although its now been closed for over a month) a small art gallery and a boutique called Embrace the Weird located inside the amazing Crafted arts and crafts market at the Port of Los Angeles.

I have a background in production and have been wanting to produce a new podcast about creativity and artists for the last few years, with things like my boutique and art gallery always getting in the way…well guess what…that’s not so much of an issue right now, because… well you know why.

This podcast is all about what it's like to be a visual artist, entrepreneur, musician, filmmaker, performer and/or general creative ninja, living in the year 2020. We get into the ups, downs, and everything in between, when it comes to creative people navigating the world, and yes, we get into the monkey in the room which is this insane pandemic we are all living in.

No, my show isn’t designed to be only about living though the apocalypse, but it's what we are all navigating at the moment, it maybe the one thing that connects every human globally for the foreseeable future, so we just just dig into it.

But never fear, the interviews are about amazing creative people, doing amazing creative things and stuff, not me and not a stupid virus, but truly about inspiring creative output.

The only thing that it an issue is budget and that’s where our Patreon campaign comes into play. We are only doing a per episode campaign though Patreon, not a monthly subscription, so you will ever only be charged when we post new episodes of the show.

That being said, I am making this show freely available on every distribution outlet I can find, so your support of the show is option, however I will make sure your support is worth your while.

Please support the show here:

The show is also being distributed on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram TV, as well as, all the major podcasting networks!

Brian A. Bernhard

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