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KRAMPUS (Handmade Figurine) (PREORDER)

KRAMPUS (Handmade Figurine) (PREORDER)

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Who doesn't need to have an original hand-sculpted, hand-molded, hand-cast sinister demon Krampus hanging out in their collection this holiday season? 

I am in the process of finishing my first run of original handmade collectable figurines.

Each one is made from Smooth-On brand urethane Smooth Cast resin (its a hard, but somewhat medium-weight and flexible plastic, that is pretty darn rugged) and hand painted with the highest quality figurine acrylics. 

The Krampus stands approximately 3 inches tall and is carrying his basket of bad children. They will all be numbered and signed on the bottom. 

Order yours now, during this preorder period, and you will get 25 bucks off for being awesome and supportive! 

ATTN: This is a preorder item, I am still painting the 5 I have already cast, they should be finished by the end of Nov. 2020 and I can pack them up and ship them out the first week of December. This is just a guesstimation, but please note, I will work on them and get them to your hands as soon as humanly possible

If these 5 sell quickly, I will be able to order more resin, and make new ones ASAP! So if you don't get one of these first 5, please know more will be made soon! Be sure to sign up to the email list, so I can let you know when I have more in stock!