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KRAMPUS (Handmade Figurine)

KRAMPUS (Handmade Figurine)

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Who doesn't need to have an original hand-sculpted, hand-molded, hand-cast and hand-painted (or you could get it without my paint job, so your could paint your own) sinister demon Krampus hanging out in their collection this holiday season? 

Each one is made from Smooth-On brand urethane Smooth Cast resin (its a hard, but somewhat medium-weight and flexible plastic, that is pretty darn rugged) and hand painted (if you want that option) with the highest quality figurine acrylics. All the ones I hand-paint will also be signed and numbered on the bottom, and they will also include a certificate of authenticity. The blank unpainted figurines will not be signed or numbered.

The Krampus stands approximately 3 inches tall and is carrying his basket of bad children. 

Please note, each hand painted figurine will be a little bit different, I am not a robot! lol. So the version you receive will be as close to the same as I can get, but will not be exactly the same.

ATTN: If you order the unfinished Krampus, you will want to prime it before applying any paints, and a varnish at the end to protect the paint. Also, the figurine comes in 2 pieces, the sack of bad kids was molded and cast separately and will need to be glued to the back of the Krampus, I prefer to paint them as separate pieces, leaving the areas that will be glued unpainted until I get the majority of the paint in, then I varnish the whole thing after the glue has dried and I have touched up any thing that may have gotten scratched when gluing.